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A popcorn ceiling is one of those things you can find in many homes throughout the U.S. We’ve all seen one before: It’s noted for its bumpy texture that looks as though your ceiling is breaking out in goose pimples.

It’s strange that popcorn ceilings in New York are as prevalent as they are considering they do come with their own headaches. One minor headache is that many people seem to bemoan their distinct pimpled look. But that’s just a minor qualm, certainly not one worth questioning popcorn ceiling’s commonality over.

However, there ARE some other, more significant quibbles that DO justify the questioning. Luckily, if you find these quibbles to be justification enough, you can have your popcorn ceiling removed professionally. But before you go through that process, you should know what those problems are and decide whether they are grating enough to justify the expense.

The following are three of the major downsides inherent in a popcorn ceiling. Read on, and should you find these downsides disagreeable enough, don’t hesitate to call for a professional popcorn ceiling removal today!

Popcorn Ceilings Are Are Difficult To Paint

The best thing about owning a house is that you can customize it to fit your tastes. And one of the best ways to customize your house is with a new paint job. After all, color is everything when it comes to showing off your personal style!

But if you want to show off your style from top to bottom, you might have to settle for everything but top if you have a popcorn ceiling. Popcorn ceilings are notoriously challenging to paint. Their bumpy surfaces don’t provide the most accommodating surface for paint, and their easily flaked design can result in a spotty mess. The result could be a paint job so problematic that you might as well NOT have bothered with a painting at all!

Minor Repairs Often Become Major Repairs

Life happens, and sometimes, that life happens to your home. This can leave your home with dings and scratches and all else. And some of this can happen right through your ceiling.

The good thing about a house is that you can repair it. Something put a hole through your wall? Just patch it. Tiles starting to crack? Just replace them. But a popcorn ceiling: Well, that’s not so easy. Popcorn ceilings aren’t easy to patch, and in many instances, your only options are to leave an unsightly hole or replace the entire ceiling. One option is unsightly, and the other is costly. Either way, you’d be looking at a real headache thanks to your popcorn ceiling.

Some Popcorn Ceilings in New York Contain Asbestos

Finding the right product is a process of trial and error. Throughout history, people have tried many different things for many different purposes. Sometimes, they hit the nail on the head and found the best use for some product. In other cases, they used the absolute worst product they could find.

For popcorn ceilings, that product was asbestos. For many years, asbestos was mixed into the material used for popcorn ceilings for the same reason that dangerous narcotics used to be used in soda: People are just really good at making terrible decisions for the general public sometimes. Luckily, asbestos is no longer used in the material that goes into making popcorn ceilings, but it CAN still be found in popcorn ceilings installed in older homes (about 1980 and earlier).

Get an Expert for Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Wappingers Falls

If you think that popcorn ceiling comes with too many problems to bother keeping around, then call up an expert painter in Wappingers Falls you can trust to remove it. And one of the top experts around are the folks at TruCare Painters of New York.

Don’t live with a ceiling that is more of a headache than anything. Just call TruCare Painters of New York today, and get the best ceiling for your home!

Are you interested in professional popcorn ceiling removal in Wappingers Falls or nearby? Call 845-724-6869 or complete our online request form.

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