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Established in 2008, TruCare Painters is a local professional painting company that provides premium quality interior and exterior painting services in the Poughkeepsie area of New York, the Greensville area of South Carolina, and the Ocala area of Florida. Whether a homeowner or a business owner, if you need a local painter, you can rely on TruCare Painters to get your property looking brand new with a beautiful fresh coat of paint!

We offer many painting and painting-related services to help provide you with the most beautiful home possible, and these services include the following:


Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you can rely on the experts at TruCare Painters to get your most significant investment looking brand new and keeping it that way for years to come with professional interior or exterior painting.

At TruCare Painters, we stand by our work with an industry-leading 7-year warranty to ensure you get the most from our investment.


TruCare Painters offer various services to beautify your property, improve your quality of life and curb appeal. Below are some of the ways we can give your home or business the makeover it needs.


Here at TruCare Painters, quality is our game. We use premium painting products and go above and beyond to provide you with a beautiful finish and a pleasant painting experience.

You deserve the best residential or commercial painting service, and we deliver.
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“We Truly Care about everything we do and represent: every team member, every client, every project, every action, every word, every time. We show this every day by proactively seeking out new opportunities to grow and be better today than yesterday.”

We Truly Care About Safety

People are most important. We set high expectations when it comes to safety. We will consistently and proactively seek out the safest approach to complete any task and reduce risk by constantly evaluating every situation for the safest outcome because there is never a good reason to do something unsafely. We will be pioneers in our industry and values by establishing a higher standard.

We Truly Care About Our Service

Every one of us serves. We consistently aim for excellence and strive to develop new ways to help our team members, clients, vendors, and community. So, every moment of every day, we will check ourselves to ensure we are serving at the highest level possible. Our greatest reward is the feeling we get when we’ve served someone. We always put others before ourselves with a humble and genuine heart of servanthood.

We Truly Care About Our Reputation

Everything matters, and we know it. Truth, Trust, Reputation, Credibility, Honesty, and Integrity are essential because our reputation remains long after we’ve finished a conversation or a project. When we work to enhance our reputation, we serve the team and clients by creating a predictably trustworthy experience. Doing the right thing and doing it right the first time is how we show "We Truly Care."

We Truly Care About Our Team

We are a team of individuals, but we act as one; as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Therefore, we honor and humbly serve each other. We work together as a family, showing support, respect, and admiration toward each other. We are strong, focused, and unstoppable when we work as a team.

We have an honorable calling at TruCare Painters: We seek to enrich our communities, the lives of our team members, and local families with a relentless pursuit of showing that "We Truly Care." There is no higher mission for us. We view this as a blessing to be entrusted with this responsibility. We Truly Care about the relationships we build, the quality of service and craftsmanship we provide, and the community we serve. We take it seriously; we pursue it relentlessly. We serve tirelessly and effortlessly, showing that "We Truly Care" because it's who we are.


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