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The Best Paint For Your Interior Space

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The colors of your interior space can set the tone for your room. The environment can be bright or glossy depending on the paint chosen or the paint finish.

Our professionals for all our services such as interior painting have a great sense of what's best for the design you prefer for your space. For instance, our painting contractor services focus on the tone that works best for our clients. We understand how thorough our clients would like to be with their interior designing process and we're glad to provide some more details in regard to painting contractor services.

In this post, we would like to talk about water-based and oil-based paints. Both these paints are effective at creating a new space. However, each painting product has different qualities such as longevity or even releasing fumes.

Water-based Paint

Water-based paint, also known as latex paint, is a very common option for many homes. It is quick-drying and great for the environment. The best part of all water-based paints retains the color longer and is less likely to crack. Also, some water-based paint can be overlaid on oil-based paints with new water-based paints with additives. These water-based paints are great for exterior surfaces that may experience different weather conditions or areas of your interior that may face moisture.

  • Kitchen

  • Laundry Room

  • Bathrooms

Water-based paints also have more ranges for finishing your paint to make it look glossy or velvety. However, water-based paints alone do not have a rich color tone and can negatively impact your wall if it receives any water damage.

Oil-based Paint

Another common paint is oil-based paint, which is common for individuals who would like a deeper, natural tone and last longer with little changes. Because of the longer range of time, oil-based paints cannot have water overlaid on their coat. After the oil-based paint dries it will have a nice, thick gloss and even finish.

  • Cabinets

  • Crown Molding

Oil-based paints take a longer time to dry, are harder to wash, and release more fumes compared to water-based paint, but the quality will be long-lasting and look smooth.

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Our painting experts have the knowledge and skills to paint your home beautifully. We serve homeowners and businesses in New York, South Carolina, and Florida. Talk to us about your home dreams today!

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