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Interior Painting Project in Simpsonville, SC

The customer had just moved into their Simpsonville, SC, home a year ago and contacted us to help her transform the dark, drab interior into a light and airy space.

The house was painted a dark brown in the main areas and living room and burgundy red in the kitchen. She loves green so she went with an accent wall painted with Sherwin Williams Cashmere Medium Luster directly above the fireplace to create a focal point and then the same color in a flat finish with Sherwin Williams Duration Home for washability on the sides of the accent wall.

She selected a light Kimich White around the rest of the room. She lightened the kitchen with Aged White Sherwin Williams Duration Home in a flat finish and continued the Aged White throughout the staircase and lower hallways to give the home flow.

It was a pleasure transforming her dark, depressing home into an open, bright, and inviting space.

If you are considering updating your Simpsonville area home with professional interior painting, you can trust the expert of TruCare Painters of South Carolina.

Service Used in Project

Products Used: Sherwin Williams Cashmere and Duration Home

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The proof of how a company truly cares about what they do is gauged by the quality of their work and the happiness of their customer. Rich came in (on time), listened to my ideas, and was helpful with selecting colors that would flow seamlessly. When a color didn’t work and a new color was ordered at the last minute - he had no issues about adding extra time to his day to pick up new paint. I’m a very happy customer and TrueCare will be my painter for the next painting phase.
Katherine M.

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